How much do you charge for shipping?
UK shipping on all orders over £100 is free, a flat fee of £4.00 is charged on orders below that. Worldwide shipping is calculated during checkout, depending on the destination.

How will you package my prints for delivery?
When packaging all our prints, we use an acid-free tissue paper to ensure the print surface is always protected in transit. For paper sizes A1 and A2 we carefully hand roll the prints and ship them in 2.5mm thick, crush-resistant tubes, and for the smaller sizes we use stiffened heavy duty cardboard envelopes.

How accurate are the colours on the prints compared to what I see on the website?
We take every precaution in attempting to accurately colour-match what you see on screen, to the output of the prints, but all screen-types differ slightly and not all of yours will be calibrated. We also stress that the print colours are slightly more vibrant in real life than the screen can easily convey. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by this.

How do I know which paper-stock to choose?
In short, it's really personal preference whether you prefer to view prints with a very subtle sheen, as with the semi-gloss, or very flat and totally without a reflective surface, as the matt paper produces. We usually tend to suggest that prints with a lot of darker areas print better on the semi-gloss paper and usually allow for more shadow detail, but both papers print most images beautifully. If you would rather us suggest our preference, please ask.

Do your measurements refer to the paper or the image size?
The sizes refer to the width and height of the paper. The image size is always slightly less and we print the images in the centre of the paper, with a white border.

What size are the borders around the images, so I know for framing purposes?
As the photographs are of differing ratios, the borders on the right and left (if the image is of a landscape orientation) do vary. As a constant, we print both the top and bottom borders equally and are as follows:
A1 - 3cm
A2 - 2cm
A3 - 1cm
A4 - 0.5cm
A5 - 0.5cm

Can I request a different border size?
Without wanting to make every order bespoke, we set the sizes in a way which we think maximises the use of the paper. However, if you would like a wider or narrower border than we usually print with, contact us before placing an order to discuss your printing options.

How long should my print last for?
Under various different light sources, in display conditions, the pigment inks we use for our giclée prints are lightfast for up to 75 years.

Can I handle my prints easily?
Yes, if you're careful. We always advise handling 'naked' prints as little as possible prior to framing, but if you do so, hold the print on the white border to minimise finger marks. The semi-gloss surface is more prone to showing greasy finger prints, but the ink doesn't mark easily, whereas the matt surface doesn't show much in the white of the paper, but the ink can be very easily marked if scuffed or scratched.

Do you offer framing as an additional service?
Not at the moment, but we are currently talking to a bespoke framer based in the same studio complex, so we're very hopeful we can offer this service in the very near future. If you require any advice about mounting and framing, we will gladly put you in contact with them.

For any further queries you may have, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help in any way we can.