Our Story


Born out of a passion for wanting to hold, handle and feel photographs or artwork as tangible objects, at Otter Prints it's all about the fine details.

We wanted to get back to what it was about printing that initially made us fall in love with the magic: the tactility of the paper, the hidden moment within an image, the ability to lose oneself in another world, if only for a moment.

Having started printing his own photographs at 17, founder Tom Hull was introduced to the joy of realising a concept or vision as a printable, physical creation. Continuing his traditional 'wet printing' through his photographic studies, honing it during a BA (Hons) degree, once he had moved to London in 2003 to follow a career in photography, Tom quickly made the transition to inkjet printing, using only the best suppliers and teachers in London to learn the new skill.

With a clear understanding of the importance between accurate colour rendition on the best monitor displays, alongside custom ICC profiles for each paper, Tom can be sure that what he sees on screen is what is created as a final print. Tom's exceptionally high standards mean that you can trust in the fact he will always strive to produce work of the highest quality for all his clients.