Artwork Digitisation

Using a Sony A7R mk V digital camera, along with Profoto flash heads, we are able to photograph your large-scale original artwork in the studio. Utilising the full 60 megapixel sensor, the A7RV generates huge files with maximum dimensions of 9504 x 6336 pixels (80.47 x 53.64cms) at 300dpi.

Artwork is photographed directly onto a laptop, meaning that between the camera screen, the laptop and the original work on the wall, the utmost care is taken to record the art to the highest level in-camera.

We then transfer the images onto a desktop Mac, coupled with an extremely accurate, self-calibrating Eizo monitor and very careful attention is given to colour balancing and adjusting the digital file whilst we have your work in the studio. This allows us to make sure we create prints that are as close to the original artwork as possible. The initial adjustments are made in the Capture One Pro editing software and any further cleaning up and colour work is then finessed in the latest version of Photoshop.

As we print on rolls, we make the most efficient use of the paper, being able to generate multiple prints on one large sheet which are then hand-trimmed to size.

As part of the digitisation process, we provide an A4 proof of your new print so you can check the colours and quality before any orders are placed. The final prints should be an incredibly close representation of the original piece, ready for you to sell to your happy customers.